Focused on cultivating and sourcing high value opportunities, we are committed to being a globally recognized exclusive consortium within the IT Infrastructure industry.

Trust is both our bedrock foundation and our most serving tool. It’s what we’re built on and what we will continue to build with. We are “Renegades” because we are breaking away from the staid way business has traditionally been done within the industry we serve. We believe that being honest with ourselves, our clients, and our partners, while communicating with transparency is the key to success.. This value based system ensures we are always navigating our clients and partners to Truth, and that we are never afraid to face the Truth ourselves.

The Renegade Trust believes business is personal and that all human beings have the inherent potential to become and accomplish whatever their heart desires. We are called upon to encourage, inspire, and support our members and clients in the pursuit of their passions, dreams, and fantasies while helping to convert them into today’s realities. Just like the technologies we represent and deliver are continually evolving and improving, so must we. In order to cultivate authenticity, we put accountability, self care and self discovery above all else. The Renegade Trust is changing the way our industry does business to ensure a more sustainable and better experience for all.